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Fokemon Fokemon

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Por favor, translacion de ingles

First off i suck at spanish.

This was great. The Animation was well done and the concept was
clear and funny.

My only negative i have on this is the audio for the bush
rustling. It was a bit loud compared to the rest of the audio clips.

Overall, i can see you have a great talent with animation.
You're doing good, man! Keep this up and who knows where you will go.

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Gorillaz dare- PMV Gorillaz dare- PMV

Rated 1 / 5 stars

This is needing some work.

First off, pre-loaders may seem like they do nothing but take up
file size, but its beneficial to the quality of playback.

Second of all, the animation felt lazy. The backgrounds
were uninspiring. The ending was cheap. Clip art is a big no-no with
anything, it doesnt matter.

The only good thing i can say about this is the lipyncing and
the motion of the characters heads. I can see the potential there,
but its paired with lack of drive. If you were to get behind wheel
and start putting more attention into detail and adding more motion
in your work then youd start to see it come alive.

Overall, i feel like you're holding back on what potential you have.
There is so much room for you to grow, its insane. I believe you can
be a really good animator if you really focused, all it takes is one step at a time.

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The Laffodil The Laffodil

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad for the first go.

It sounds like this took a lot of work
considering it was made in After Effects. All the different
moving parts having to be tweened by frame must have been a pain
but rest-assured it turned out admirable. I'm imagining the alternative
method of handdrawing everything and, no offense, would have looked
amateur so animating it like this was wise.

I liked the concept and how you executed it. It left wondering what else
you have in store for this series -- if there is one, which the possibility is there.
It also got me thinking about evolution as a whole. As many branches of life there
are, there would have to be a few carbon-based duds. (These are there stories. BUMBUM.)

I cant wait to see what else you have in mind in the future. And trust me, as hard as it is now,
the more you animate the easier it becomes.

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cave cave

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is really well done! My only qualm is it felt like there could have more. I wouldnt mind seeing more from you. Maybe a 3D art game like this would be a gift!

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Time Drive Time Drive

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

First off, Jesus Christ. Second of all, Holy shit.

I just have to stay that the skill you have must amount to
at least a decades worth of loud jam sessions. In short, i was blown away.
This would have been a perfect, ball-park 5 if it wasnt for one little
quirk; The synths. Now, hear me out, the technique was great, but there
were few points in the song that they got too sharp, if you know what i mean.

Case in point was the drop at the beginning; A fix for this would be to
dial back the volume on just that part. And the first synth solo was just at the
cusp of ear-splitting. Just to double-check that this issue wasn't my end, i went
back and listened again with the volume lower and i still could tell that the
synth was almost drowning out the rest of the instruments and the solo
seemed out of place.

I guess from a techno perspective its not that harsh,
but it really wouldn't tarnish the track if a slight adjustment was made.

Overall, as much technicality BS im throwing your way, this is
one of the best tracks i've heard on here since i started reviewing
music on NG. Get a bandcamp or something because this sounds
like the career for you.

Keep on rockin' ma man!

350teric responds:

Thanks dude! About the quirkiness, I just do it some times for f**k sake. If you want to hear more of this take listen to my records over at bandcamp and follow me on for updates.

molecule of fukitol molecule of fukitol

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I could rave to this..

The track definitely has the electronic side of it nailed. But i'm not
so sure that industrial is right category for it. I mean, industrial is more-or-less the grunge of
techno and don't think i'm hearing that here. Hell, as i'm
listening to this, i feel like i'm writing this review in 2047 where everybody
has glowstick bracelets and liquor that radiates is commonplace. That might be
subject to opinion, but on a technical basis it seems like it's having a hard time
with the bouncer getting into the Euro -- an industrial club i just made up.

The looping is seamless which, trust me, is not an easy feat depending on
the type of program you're using. It's taking a while for it to become monotonous
which is easy for looping music to do on occasion. It's the Achilles Heel of loops;
make sure that doesn't happen in the future.


bahstrike responds:

Thanks your words are kind

All About That Bass Loop All About That Bass Loop

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It sounds like you have some years behind you.

This is a very pleasant track. My only conniption on this is
the fact that the loops played on the right and left are a bit too left and right.
If you were to dial the channels into the middle just a tid-bit, it would be
less disorienting for headphone users and would build more of a stage-like feeling
that the slight echo is already setting up.

Overall, as a bassist at heart, i can really appreciate a good bass
noodling and this track reminds me of that feeling.

Keep slappin da bass, man!