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Time Drive Time Drive

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

First off, Jesus Christ. Second of all, Holy shit.

I just have to stay that the skill you have must amount to
at least a decades worth of loud jam sessions. In short, i was blown away.
This would have been a perfect, ball-park 5 if it wasnt for one little
quirk; The synths. Now, hear me out, the technique was great, but there
were few points in the song that they got too sharp, if you know what i mean.

Case in point was the drop at the beginning; A fix for this would be to
dial back the volume on just that part. And the first synth solo was just at the
cusp of ear-splitting. Just to double-check that this issue wasn't my end, i went
back and listened again with the volume lower and i still could tell that the
synth was almost drowning out the rest of the instruments and the solo
seemed out of place.

I guess from a techno perspective its not that harsh,
but it really wouldn't tarnish the track if a slight adjustment was made.

Overall, as much technicality BS im throwing your way, this is
one of the best tracks i've heard on here since i started reviewing
music on NG. Get a bandcamp or something because this sounds
like the career for you.

Keep on rockin' ma man!

350teric responds:

Thanks dude! About the quirkiness, I just do it some times for f**k sake. If you want to hear more of this take listen to my records over at bandcamp and follow me on for updates.

molecule of fukitol molecule of fukitol

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I could rave to this..

The track definitely has the electronic side of it nailed. But i'm not
so sure that industrial is right category for it. I mean, industrial is more-or-less the grunge of
techno and don't think i'm hearing that here. Hell, as i'm
listening to this, i feel like i'm writing this review in 2047 where everybody
has glowstick bracelets and liquor that radiates is commonplace. That might be
subject to opinion, but on a technical basis it seems like it's having a hard time
with the bouncer getting into the Euro -- an industrial club i just made up.

The looping is seamless which, trust me, is not an easy feat depending on
the type of program you're using. It's taking a while for it to become monotonous
which is easy for looping music to do on occasion. It's the Achilles Heel of loops;
make sure that doesn't happen in the future.


bahstrike responds:

Thanks your words are kind

All About That Bass Loop All About That Bass Loop

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It sounds like you have some years behind you.

This is a very pleasant track. My only conniption on this is
the fact that the loops played on the right and left are a bit too left and right.
If you were to dial the channels into the middle just a tid-bit, it would be
less disorienting for headphone users and would build more of a stage-like feeling
that the slight echo is already setting up.

Overall, as a bassist at heart, i can really appreciate a good bass
noodling and this track reminds me of that feeling.

Keep slappin da bass, man!

Eternal Void -Prog Death- Eternal Void -Prog Death-

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's not bad for what the target genre is.

This track definitely paints a vividly dark picture, but there are a
few technical things that could be done to make it sound more alive. Everything
but the vocals and guitar at a few points sounded lifeless. Regardless if made in a
production program, there are still ways in manipulating the tracks to make them
sound more human. FLStudio is a good example that uses this.

Also, raising the master volume on the song doesn't sacrifice
the doom metal feel, as some would think. Doom is in the deprived soul,
the black aura, the feeling of looming death, and the tone of screaming
banshees haunting your dreams and your pills aren't working. Doom
is that paranoid threat that one day, i'll be consumed by Lucifer and Christ
is right there with him. Doom is one of those genres that define "If you are, you are.
If you're not, you're definitely not." It's a skill that requires the passion of
conveying a feeling to the listener; and goddamnit, you're on the right track.

Overall and technicalities aside, this song is at that event horizon between
"I'm in Hell." and "I'm staring at the gates of Hell." For you, all it would take now is
just one more step.

AEOK responds:

Thanks man. Appreciated.

Happy Douche Happy Douche

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

That was a damn good jam, man.

I really have nothing negative to say about this.
I couldnt decide whether it was a parody on the atypical college doucherock
or an actual metal song. I think the drums divide that rift on this track. If the drums weren't so
hit-happy then it would have been a blink182 jam. But the way the drums are in this song
reminds me more of The Rev on a downer; kind of the same type of hit pattern, just slowed

Overall, if the guitar was at the same level of persistence as the drums,
it would have had the same aura as Avenged Sevenfold.

Keep up the good rock, dude!

Metalized responds:

Thx alot man! Glad u liked my little tune! Yea i have hard times placing this one too. It actually started out as an acoustic song. But decided to make it as a "hard hitting angry but yet happy" song. Turned out quite well i guess. Thx again man for the review and stay tuned for the final version with vocals! Cheers!

Psych/Surf Loop Psych/Surf Loop

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I do believe that this would be perfect for a lead-in to a song of sorts.
Something Similar to The Cure but a bit more grungy. Yeah.

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Mouse-Pet responds:

oh my jesus this is literally what i was going for, thank you

Sicko Sicko

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This track has a feel of deprivation, self loathing, and Marilyn Manson written all over it.
With that out of the way, the only thing that i sensed was wrong with this track
was the general mixing. It took some getting used to, but first impressions are everything.
I felt that the drums were lacking in punch in the heavier parts. The bass was too low during the guitar parts. The vocals had this weird crackling to them that probably sounded good at the time
but, in all honesty, doesn't in post. I know all of that is on a technical level but sadly it reflects.

Overall, this track has a very clear sense of who it is, but doesnt know why it is.
Dont get me wrong, i could spark a jay and jam out to this song all night. Its just the
little things in music that can make a track out off kilter. And trust me, its really easy. Ive been
trying my damnedest to write songs like this. I would have everything recorded and planned out all neatly, but when it came to mixing it required the Midas touch of Music in order to do it.

And with that i say goodluck and godspeed!

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Mystery Loop WIP Mystery Loop WIP

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Im feeling very Hmmmmm about this one.

Ive had this playing on loop for a while and where i feel this song would be best
placed is in a 2D Light Horror game rather than a SilentHill-grade one. It's taking a while for the loop
to become background music but its not at all becoming monotonous. The more i listen to it, the more things start to pop out.

Overall, you were able to create a looping song that carried a feeling along with a tone and wove it in such a way that it doesn't become boring to listen to. I wouldnt mind playing a puzzle/horror game where this song was in it. It would be quite fitting.

Good job. 4.5/5

H Plus H Plus

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Oh my where do i being? This track had me unwillingly headbanging! The depth of the guitar combined with the tenor of the keyboard painted a power metal picture to me like i was going on an adventure on the back of a dragon wearing viking armor and fight in a battle that i might die in, but not without my BADASS SWORD IN GRASP! RAHH!

I love a modern metal musician that is not afraid to hit higher notes for the fear of it sounding pansy-assed or something similar. As far as originality goes, i really cant compare this to anything ive heard thus far in my life so you got that going. I also appreciated the tiny drop of horror nearing the end. It adds sort of a cinematic cliffhanger to the experience.

Overall damn good song to show to someone who's getting burned out on music as a whole.

350teric responds:

Thanks for the in depth comment man, keep on the dragon riding! \m/

My Curse - Instrumental My Curse - Instrumental

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not a bad cover, my friend. I dont have many things to say besides the pacing between some of the instruments are off just enough for a slight headtilt but as a guitarist/musician myself i understand that feel bro.

Ok, real talk. Isnt it weird that when you hear a song without its lyrics? Its like looking under the hood of a car and seeing all of the different elements that get the car running. At least thats how i see it.

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